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In dental treatment, Saphire Dent offers you comprehensive services in the field of dental treatment, especially surgical operations, Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Treatment, and other aesthetic applications, with the experience of our physicians.


There are various options available today for a beautiful smile. One of them is teeth whitening (bleaching). Teeth whitening is divided into two types, home type, and office type. While in-office whitening creates a visible difference within thirty minutes, in home-type whitening this difference occurs within at least one week. Office-type applications must be done under the supervision of a physician. The experience of the dentist, the material, and the device used are of great importance for the permanent teeth whitening process. In addition, it is very important for the patient to comply with what needs to be considered after bleaching.

Why Do Teeth Discoloration Occur?

Frequent and prolonged consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes, colored and acidic beverages leads to discoloration of the teeth. There are many other reasons for discoloration. There are also congenital discolorations, colorations due to long-term use of antibiotics, colorations due to excessive fluoride intake, after root canal treatment, as a result of trauma, and due to old age.

How is Office Type Teeth Whitening Applied?

It is applied by the dentist in the office setting. It is a system that takes less time and gives much faster results.

How is Home Teeth Whitening Applied?

Oral measurements are taken and personalized transparent plaques are created from them. The whitening gel is applied to these plaques and applied to the teeth. For this process to be effective, the plaques must remain in the mouth for at least four hours. Teeth should be brushed before and after the application. After the application, colored foods should not be consumed and cigarettes should not be smoked for a week. The long time to reach the desired result is the disadvantage of home whitening. In addition, the effect is less than the office type.


Root canal treatments are the preferred treatments to treat and repair decayed and infected teeth. During the treatment, the soft tissue (pulp) and the dental nerve in the cavity called root canal in the hard tissue of the tooth are removed and the inner part of the tooth is cleaned, and the cavity is filled. It is a versatile treatment method.

Root canal treatment is like the foundation of a building, the healthier the foundation, the stronger the building will be. For this reason, root canal treatment is an important treatment that should be performed by a root canal treatment (Endodontics) specialist.

In which situations is root canal therapy applied?

Root canal treatment is usually applied to teeth with cavities or deep fractures. However, in some cases that develop due to trauma, root canal treatment can also be applied to the teeth.